What's Your Problem

What’s Your Problem? is a wildly original new HEIHEI series in which YouTube star Joseph Herscher and his team solve Kiwi kids’ really annoying problems by making hilarious contraptions out of everyday household objects. Each episode of What’s Your Problem? features a Kiwi kid with a really annoying problem. Joseph’s team - robotics engineering student Mikayla Stokes, world-leading contraptionist Brett Doar, and expert model-maker John Osborne - need to figure out how to solve the problem using things they find lying around the house.

Through trial and error, a lot of mess and bloopers, the team will create a delightful variety of contraptions, including a cat feeder, a sunscreen machine, an exploding lunchbox, a machine for snacking-while-gaming, a dish-doer, a sibling distracter, a room-tidier, a Santa-catcher, a compost-thrower, and devices for saving the planet! For the ultimate in Kiwi kid D.I.Y., each episode has an accompanying Make Your Own video, in which Mikayla shows tamariki how to make their own mini-machines at home.

The series was commissioned by TVNZ for HEIHEI, funded by NZ On Air, and filmed at Whoa! Studios in Auckland.


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