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We shared their why

Our Challenge:

With the arts, culture and live events sector severely impacted by Covid, Creative NZ wanted to use it’s platform to support the national vaccination efforts with a particular focus on rangatahi Māori.

Our Story:

The campaign featured well-known Māori voices from the arts community sharing their ‘why’: why they do what they do, why they love their creative practice, and why they choose to be vaccinated. The selected artist’s shared their stories with their social media followings to show how being vaccinated allows them to practice their art and connect with their culture.


This campaign was deemed highly effective with key assets receiving an engagement rate three times that of generic vaccination messages. And anecdotal responses to the assets online was overwhelmingly positive and supportive of the need for Māori to be vaccinated.
Most notably, everyone involved in this project was aligned to a single kaupapa and able the artists featured felt supported and empowered to bring their whole selves to the project in a way that was authentic to them and their practice.
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