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We put people face to face with an All Blacks haka

All Black Experience Haka video production

Our Challenge:

Capturing the energy and intensity of an All Blacks haka so true to life that the public will pay to experience it at the new Ngai Tahu Tourism and New Zealand Rugby owned All Black Experience at SkyCity.

Our Story:

The All Blacks haka can only be performed in a test match environment which meant it needed to be filmed opposite an opposing team in front of a packed stadium while also being broadcast live to the world. After multiple camera tests exploring combinations of camera type, lens choice and optimum distance from the players, the production team built a custom rig that was able to be set up and struck from the field in less than 30 seconds. 12 months of post-production followed in which every frame was tweaked, and an original soundscape was composed to further intensify the performance and transition the audience in and out of the space.

For the first time ever, we captured the raw energy and intensity of an All Black haka and created a realistic experience only truly seen by opposing rugby teams.The haka is the penultimate showcase within this new tourist attraction in a unique environment that fully immerses our viewers with state-of-the-art sound scapes and high-tech visuals. This creates a truly immersive experience that puts our audience face-to-face with the greatest rugby team in the world.

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