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Bringing the banter for Pepsi Max

Our Challenge

How can we launch Pepsi Max’s new All Blacks emojis for social media and a special collectable edition of cans, which ties in with their wider campaign about #MaxBanter?

Our Story

We got the boys together for an emoji review session, which naturally led to some serious banter. We then brought their emojis to life through our motion department, creating a series of social videos that encouraged fans to join in on the banter. Followed with a suite of cryptic emoji posts for fans to try and decipher before each All Blacks match, resulting in Pepsi NZ’s most successful social content to date.

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Swoosh lrg
Pepsi Max All Black Emojis cans

Collectible cans

The Pepsi Max All Blacks emoji on a line of limited edition cans.

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Pepsi Max No Sugar Coaching All Blacks social ads


A range of social assets, including an emoji deciphering competition.

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