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We created a game show about meal choices

Our Challenge:

To launch the new customizable meal range from HelloFresh. Families want more choice these days as they don’t always agree on food choices, especially when it comes to kids.

Our Story: 

The ups and downs of family meal times can sometimes feel like a game show, and so this idea was born. We created a cheeky gameshow-style ad campaign, called ‘Meals of Fortune’, starring a selection of New Zealand’s finest comic talent. Hosted by Tom Sainsbury (as Neil O Fortune) and a panel of three quirky contestants (Brynley Stent, James Roque, Guy Montgomery) as well as the show’s charming assistant Susan (Suzanne Paul) adding some extra sizzle. Each contestant takes turns to spin the giant lazy susan wheel, then has to guess how best to solve a classic problem meal time scenario.

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