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We super powered our heroes

Retirement Commission Review of Retirement Income Policies BIllboard - Ross Murray

Our Challenge:

The Review of Retirement Income Policies is conducted by Te Ara Ahunga Ora Retirement Commission every 3 years and we needed to elevate the dialogue around retirement and to increase visibility amongst stakeholders, the public and Government. We needed to start repositioning the conversation around Superannuation from cost to the economy to the value our Superannuitants bring to our communities.

Our Story: 

Many older Kiwis rely on Superannuation (or NZ Super as it’s commonly known) payments to help them get by when they retire. We wanted to shine a spotlight on the older generation of friends, colleagues and whanau in our lives – they are always there when we need them. They are our annual birthday cake makers, our last-minute kid caretakers, community volunteers and good cause assisters. They are our never ending support system. They are our everyday heroes, powered by NZ Super.

To help bring these characters to life we enlisted Kiwi artist Ross Murray to create a series of iconic Kiwi-style artworks showing portraits of everyday older Kiwis.

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