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Soaked up some of BENEE’S new Kool

Our Challenge:

To launch BENEE’s new Kool music video within a 3 week window and create an entire real-world SIMS environment using only props that mirrored what was available in-game.

Our Story:

We tapped into every nineties kid’s dream – by recreating a scale model SIMS world to play in. The music video showcases her inhabiting two worlds: one set in The Sims featuring BENEE embracing the role of a Sim and all of the comical nuances that go along with it; and another as herself in the real world controlling her Sims avatar.

 Ensuring the real and virtual world were a seamless match, the set and virtual world were built simultaneously to ensure they could accurately reflect each other as much as possible.

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Billboards Best Music Video 2020
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