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Turning up the heat for Wendy’s

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Our Challenge:

How can we help Wendy’s launch its new burger range which is made with the world’s hottest ‘ghost chilli’?

Our Story:

For some people chillies are like kryptonite, turning even the toughest of us to tears. So we set out to prove just how hot the new burgers were by testing them out on the staunchest of bikies.

In just a few weeks, our social video and supporting TVC quickly became Wendy’s NZ’s most-watched content ever, and the new burger became a red hot favourite on the menu helping bring even the sales targets to tears.

Views In the first few weeks
Social Reach
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Wendy's Ghost Pepper range POS

Supporting collateral

Along with the video content, a stills campaign was created. This ran as instore posters, online banners and social content.

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