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Electing a new leader for New Zealand.

Our Challenge: A few weeks out from the 2017 General Election, the Labour Party appointed Jacinda Ardern as their new leader. Which meant a new election campaign was needed. ASAP. This began with a new rallying tagline ‘Let’s Do This’, but we needed to develop a campaign that would run right through to polling day.

Our Story: The country saw an optimistic new leader step up and the decision truly in the hands of the public. We needed a strong rallying cry and a call to action for the public to get behind. ‘Let’s Do This’ inspired belief in a change to a better and fairer New Zealand, and it invited the public to take control of the possibilities. We captured the spirit of ‘Let’s Do This’ with a new Labour Party campaign video, reinforcing an opportunity that many of us had been waiting for. We wanted to assure people that the appetite for change with Jacinda Ardern in charge was shared by many, which saw us capturing and including live footage from official Labour Party campaign launch on Sunday 20th August, showing the true energy and genuine support of the nation.

We used the call-to-action nature of the tagline across Labour’s our streetside hoardings, templated the tagline to be used by all candidates and electorates, and created merchandise to allow the public to play their part in the campaign.

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