Jessica's Tree

Jessica’s Tree is a web series Augusto has produced as a response to the suicide statistics in New Zealand, using the power of story to move the needle on public perceptions and responses to suicide. 

Jessica’s tree is a story of two young women that is filled with insight and revelation about what it is to be suicidal what you can do to help.This is what suicide looks like from the inside, from someone looking back out at those wanting to help. Jazz Thornton has been suicidal and she shares the story of losing her friend Jess and how that changed her life.

The series is an ambitious narrative puzzle told through the eyes of Jazz Thornton, a 22-year-old Film School graduate who lost her close friend Jess to suicide 3 years ago. Jazz has been suicidal herself for many years and after her friend Jess took her own life Jazz knew she needed to tell Jess’s story. In Jessica’s Tree Jazz pulls together the threads of Jess’s story by re-connecting the people who came together over the last 24 hours of Jess’s life. For that 24 hours, Jess was missing. Hers was the absent voice that could have told them all everything they wanted to know, because suicide leaves so many questions. Jazz is, in part, that missing voice.  Her own experience with suicide gives Jessica’s Tree an incredibly personal view of what it is to be suicidal.


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