Helping Kiwis outsmart rips

Every year, someone runs a ‘spot a rip’ beach safety campaign, and every year people still get caught in them. So together with TSB, we changed tactics by reminding Kiwis what to do when caught in one. Which is not your natural instinct of trying to outswim a rip, but the complete opposite. Because as the numbers show, nobody is stronger than a rip.

Our campaign features Kiwis of all shapes and sizes, flexing their muscles, to help remind beachgoers that everyone is vulnerable in a rip, which appeared throughout the country on billboards, petrol station signage and social feeds all summer long. Supporting this were stories from people who have successfully survived a rip and a new call-to-action that could help save your life one day – Relax your body, Raise your hand, Ride out the rip.  

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