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Launching nasty-free nappies to the world.

Our Challenge: To launch the Kiwi nappy start-up, Rascal + Friends, into new international markets and gain distribution deals.

Our Story: Millennials like to showcase their life as picture perfect as possible. But as they move into parenthood for the first time, their immaculate world clashes with the nastier parts of parenting. We showed that while we can’t take the nastiness out of parenting, we can take the nasties out of nappies. We launched the campaign with a series of online content that honed in on some of the more relatable troubles that parents are used to — the sleepless nights, the unexpected surprises, and the constant grubbiness. By using a voiceover-led approach, we could interchange the voice to suit the different international markets we were talking to.

Through supermarkets in Canada, UK, Portugal, South East Asia
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