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Augusto have teamed up with drinks brand No Ugly to ‘Wage A War on Ugly’ with their first brand TVC since launching the brand back in December, 2017. Launching a new range of drinks in New Zealand and the USA in October, this was the perfect moment to bring the brand and its message to life.

“No Ugly have chosen to go to market now to establish our brand purpose; To Wage a War on Ugly ingredients, products, beliefs and behaviours,” says No Ugly founder Aaron Taylor. “There is far too much ugly in the world and we want No Ugly to be the clarion call for people wanting to say, “NO!”


Using some iconic characters to wage war against, The No Ugly puppet named “Fugly” demonstrates just how important it is to have ‘Ugly Out’ and ‘Gorgeous In’.

“We had a blast making this ad with Aaron and the team at No Ugly”, says Augusto founder and director Michelle Walshe. “Aaron came to us with a manifesto of what his brand believes in and let us go for gold to create Fugly. I love how brave they are as a brand.”

Aaron adds, “Working with Augusto has been a breath of fresh air. The typical agency ‘process’ was left behind and it felt like we were all part of one team striving to do good work. Augusto are passionate, creative and fanatical about solving problems. And they listen.”


The team set to create a piece of content that pushed the boundaries and but also sent a serious message. 

“To dramatise our purpose, and because we wanted a serious message, we had to flip our usual construct so the message was palatable,” says Taylor. “Together we explored a few territories but landed on the FUGLY SONG as it made these messages easy to digest and in typical No Ugly fashion, we could get our brand personality across so the film is really entertaining.

The team partnered with musician and DJ Peter Urlich to compose the music with Urlich coming on board with serious enthusiasm and a sense of creativity. The result, a choir of 11 year olds singing ‘The World is Getting Fugly’

Augusto creative Mitch Crowe adds:  “It’s so refreshing to have a client that wants to be bold and call out all the ugliness in the world. It was a lot of fun to make and gave us the perfect opportunity to squash Donald Trump with a giant No Ugly bottle”.

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