Creative agency Augusto has launched an imaginative new kids show on TVNZ’s children’s streaming platform HEIHEI. The original show called What’s Your Problem? follows YouTube star Joseph Herscher and his team as they make hilarious contraptions in a bid to solve the annoying problems Kiwi kids face.

In line with Augusto’s values, this project challenges the status quo and through trial and error sees Joseph and his team create an impressive array of contraptions from a sunscreen machine and exploding lunchbox, to a sibling distracter, and room-tidier.

The team, made up of robotics engineering student Mikayla Stokes, world-leading contraptionist Brett Doar, and expert model-maker John Osborne, work to find a solution to issues using everyday items found around the house. Ultimately, showcasing the importance of play through problem solving.

“All you need is a little creativity and be willing to laugh at some failures along the way,” says Joseph.

Filmed in West Auckland’s Whoa! Studios, the series consists of ten episodes which are accompanied by a further ten Make Your Own instructional episodes, allowing kids to indulge in a bit of DIY themselves. The episodes will roll out weekly from July 5th until August 30th.

Gemma Gracewood, who created, wrote and produced the series alongside Herscher, says the partnership between Augusto and the show works well. “The series is a natural fit for us: it's funny, it's entertaining, it's authentic, it's climate-friendly and it appeals to the whole family. What's Your Problem? ticks so many of the boxes Augusto likes to think outside of,” she says.

“Joseph Herscher is an incredibly unique New Zealander whose world-renowned contraptions are surprising and inspiring.”

HEIHEI Commissioner Kim Harrop agrees:"We love Joseph and his machines. His ability to take ordinary objects and turn them into something clever and unique is extraordinary. It shows kids that trying stuff out just for the fun of it is cool. We look forward to the series sparking creativity and curiosity in Kiwi tamariki far and wide!”

Made by the entertainment arm of award-winning creative agency Augusto, and the creative team behind Jiwi’s Machines, the show was commissioned by TVNZ for HEIHEI and funded by NZ On Air. Alongside Gracewood and Herscher it was directed by Adam Prest, with the Make Your Own episodes directed by Maddie Walker.


1. THE CAT FEEDER - Coming to HEIHEI Friday 5 July
Joseph and his team make a machine to feed Alyssa’s elderly cat while she takes her greedy dog for a walk. There’s one problem: cats can’t open fridge doors!

2. THE SUN BLOCKER - Coming to HEIHEI Friday 12 July
Joseph and his team make a machine to help A.J., who loves the outdoors but hates having sunscreen rubbed on his back!

3. THE EXPLODING LUNCH-BOX - Coming to HEIHEI Friday 19 July
April’s lunch keeps getting stolen, so Joseph and his team build the smallest, most explosive machine they’ve ever created to catch the lunchbox thief. (Guest-starring Madeleine Sami.)

4. THE PLANET SAVER - Coming to HEIHEI Friday 26 July
Joseph and his team make several crazy (and very sparkly) machines to help Ava and her family save the planet.

5. THE GAMER-SNACKER - Coming to HEIHEI Friday 2 August
Rashid doesn’t have three arms, so Joseph and his team make a machine that can feed snacks to Rashid while he is gaming.

6. THE DISH-DOER - Coming to HEIHEI Friday 9 August
Joseph and his team build a machine that can wash and dry the dishes so that Pataka and his Mum can just relax after dinner.

7. THE COMPOST THROWER - Coming to HEIHEI Friday 16 August
Joseph and his team make a machine to help Cassie get the food scraps from the kitchen to the compost bin without touching any worms!

8. THE SIBLING DISTRACTER - Coming to HEIHEI Friday 23 August
Pearl wants her younger sister Vida to stop coming into her bedroom and messing up her things, so Joseph and his team make a very clever distraction-machine.

9. THE ROOM TIDIER - Coming to HEIHEI Friday 30 August
Xavier just wants a way to quickly clean up his Lego at night, but Joseph and his team have much bigger plans for this room-tidying machine!

10. THE SANTA-CATCHER - Coming to HEIHEI at Christmas!
Charlie wants to ask Santa Claus a few questions, so Joseph and his team make a machine to catch Santa on Christmas Eve for a quick chat. (Guest-starring Tamati Rimene-Sproat.)


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