About Us

Augusto is a hybrid creative and production agency that brings the thinking and the making together to offer our clients everything from concept to creation. Our holistic and collaborative approach strips out any unnecessary layers so we can be more efficient and agile in today’s fast-paced world.

We’re big sports fans and globally recognised as sports content specialists. From behind our roller doors, we’ve dreamt up and produced global advertising campaigns, VR experiences, new brand identities, on-demand channels and social breakthroughs. And our entertainment slate has developed real-life docos, comedies and feature films.

If that seems like a lot, it’s just because we like to make things happen... and we’re unusually nice to strangers.


Content Development

We conceptualise and develop content and entertainment properties for sale to networks and distributors, or as commissioned projects for brands.


Whether it’s design, advertising or entertainment, we draw on a variety of creative processes and talents to formulate ideas and then bring them to life.

Content Strategy and Sponsorship Management

We work with clients and their respective partners to create strategies and manage the execution of owned content and leveraged opportunities.

Film, Video and Stills Production

Our high quality internal production ability is integrated across the entire business encouraging creative and technical innovation and faster turnarounds.

Post Production

Our networked, multi-suite post facility run a combined Avid and Adobe platform allowing us to produce short and long form content for any screen.

Motion Graphics and Animation

Our motion artists are proficient in both 2D and 3D and play an ever growing role in the production of everything from live projection to visual effects.


Augusto’s design studio specialises in the thinking and making of brand identities and CX projects, as well as digital, packaging and publication design. 

Technology Led Storytelling

We pioneered VR and 360 storytelling with AIG’s Haka 360, and have since expanded these expertise across live 360 streaming and projection.


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